How to change php version using PHP Selector in cPanel?

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Ready to give your website a boost? Learn how to change PHP versions using cPanel's PHP Selector. Our simple guide makes it a breeze – supercharge your site's performance today!

How to change PHP version using PHP Selector?

Steps to Change PHP Version

Log in to your cPanel account provided by your hosting provider. This is usually done by visiting or

In cPanel, search for the option Select PHP Version. This tool allows you to manage your php version for each website.

PHP Selector option in cPanel

Select your required PHP Version from the list available in PHP Selector.

Select Required PHP version and Apply it in cPanel PHP Selector.

After selecting the required PHP version , Apply the changes by clicking the Apply button.

Important Note:
Make sure that the php version is not being controlled from MultiPHP Manager or .htaccess file. Else you'll need to update the PHP Version from them as well.
Click Here to change the php version from .htaccess file.
Click Here to change the php version from MultiPHP Manager.

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Access this file in your browser (e.g., and check the PHP version displayed.

Important Considerations

While changing the PHP version, Keep in mind that some PHP versions might have deprecated features or compatibility issues with your existing code. Make sure to test your website thoroughly after the version change and confirm if all of your plugins and themes are working fine as expected. Regularly update your website's code to ensure it's compatible with newer PHP versions along with latest plugins and themes. Staying up-to-date will help you avoid security vulnerabilities and benefit from performance improvements.


Staying updated with PHP versions isn't just a techie thing; it directly impacts how your site runs and how safe it is for your visitors. So, as you wrap up this journey, know that you're now armed with a valuable tool that can shape your online presence for the better. As you continue tinkering with different versions and learning the ropes of web development, just remember – every click, every code change, and every version switch is a step forward. Keep that curiosity alive, and keep building an even more awesome digital space for yourself and your visitors. Happy coding, and here's to a future full of dynamic, responsive, and secure websites!

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