How to change php version using Multi PHP Manager in cPanel?

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How to change PHP version using MultiPHP Manager?

Steps to Change PHP Version

Log in to your cPanel account provided by your hosting provider. This is usually done by visiting or

In cPanel, search for the option MultiPHP Manager. This tool allows you to manage your php version for each website.

MultiPHP Manager option in cPanel

Select your domain for which you need to change the PHP version and select the required PHP version.

Select Required PHP version and Apply it in cPanel MultiPHP Manager.

After selecting the required PHP version , Apply the changes by clicking the Apply button.

PHP version Successfully changed for the selected domain from MultiPHP Manager in cPanel.

Important Note:
Make sure that the php version is not being controlled from PHP Selector or .htaccess file. Else you'll need to update the PHP Version from them as well.
Click Here to change the php version from PHP Selector.
Click Here to change the php version from .htaccess file.

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Access this file in your browser (e.g., and check the PHP version displayed.

Important Considerations

While changing PHP versions using MultiPHP Selector is convenient, it only affects the specific selected website's php version only. Keep in mind that some PHP versions might have deprecated features or compatibility issues with your existing code. Make sure to test your website thoroughly after the version change. Regularly update your website's code to ensure it's compatible with newer PHP versions. Staying up-to-date will help you avoid security vulnerabilities and benefit from performance improvements.


In conclusion, the path to a more dynamic and efficient web development experience lies within your grasp. With the user-friendly prowess of cPanel's Multi PHP Manager, the task of upgrading PHP versions becomes a seamless endeavor. By effortlessly toggling between different PHP versions, you not only ensure the optimal performance and security of your website but also keep pace with the ever-evolving web standards. Embrace this cutting-edge tool to unlock a world of compatibility and agility, empowering your online presence to shine brighter than ever before. So, why wait? Take the reins of your web development journey, harness the power of Multi PHP Manager, and propel your website into a future of limitless possibilities!

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